Fight against maritime frauds

An antifraud department is offered to international Underwriters and “ALFA” of Paris.

Since 1981 we intervened worldwide on behalf of marine Underwriters in fraudulent claims as ship’s total losses, groundings, fire-explosions, general averages and radioactive waste materials transportations.

Some scenes where we operated:

  • Jordanian-Saudi Arabia borders
  • Greek Islands
  • French Guyane
  • Suriname
  • Red Sea
  • Africa
  • Lebanon (during war)

This special worldwide “TASK FORCE” is managed and supervised by FRANCO, our Managing Director. We are able to use our ranging knowledge matured in all these years. We maintain close connections with other investigation units and Coast Guards, Police and Custom Authorities.

Our procedures in fraudulent claims, are agreed in advance with Underwriters, before starting our interventions/missions.