Energy & Power

Energy & Power is a division of GIMS – GLOBAL INDEPENDENT MARINE SURVEYORS LTD. Our naval architects and engineers (*) after a career spent in shipyards, on board ships and industries, operate as technical consultants and project managers in shipyards, offshore and onshore based industry.

In these last years we noticed through the records, that a lot of damages occurred on board of offshore platforms, ships, power plants, industrial plants, public utilities, green energy (wind generators-factories and offshore) are upward trend with huge disbursments by part of Insurers.

This induced us to invest in new primary researching sources that could intervene with our teams worldwide and carry out properly repairs as per Class surveyors rules and OEMs procedures.

In order to improve our knowledge and capabily in the Gas and LNG area we have realized a strong cooperation with PMSC S.A. whose core competencies are OIL & GAS, LNG, LPG and Chemical carriers.

The availability of “onsite” interventions to carry out the repairs has been always almost a venture. Damages occurred in desert areas, military zones, open sea, on board seagoing ships, scattered islands, forests and sometimes very far from technological sources.

We fight difficulties but we succeed in our missions!


* Our engineers are certified “BOSIET” for offshore interventions.



  • Power Plants (diesel, turbines, gas generators surveys)
  • Public Utilities failure surveys
  • Steam turbines and boiler surveys
  • Wind turbine factories surveys
  • Mines, steel factories and refineries generators surveys
  • LNG & LPG Import and Export Terminals evaluations and claims
  • LNG & LPG Storage facilities
  • Oil & Products Terminals Evaluation and Claims
  • Ship/Shore Interlace Evaluation and Claims
  • Port and Port Infrastructures Evaluation and Claims


  • Platform surveys
  • Barges, tugs and supply vessels surveys
  • Jack-Up, Heavy Lift Vessel and SSCV surveys
  • Drilling installations
  • Cranes and cargo handling machineries
  • On and off hire surveys
  • FPSOs mooring turret
  • FPSOs condition surveys
  • FSRUs mooring systems
  • FSRUs condition surveys
  • Wind power generators surveys

Services Offered

GIMS – POOL is offering to the Underwriters / Clients the best  solution of surveys and more economical intervention of specialists.
A particular attention is placed to the specialist engineers who are operating “onsite machining” and are recommended by major OEMs. They intervene with special tools, sophisticated laser equipments in repair procedures of engine crankshafts, crank pins, turbine cases, rotating turrets, etc., they are able to repair any type of engines, tailshafts, eletric rotors and supply vital genuine engines spare parts. To machine any engine components, line boring, main journal and propellers. This will facilitate the Assured and will minimize damages avoiding tug interventions, shipyards and drydocks facilities.
GIMS-POOL is able to offer globally our surveyor squads to diagnose damages, failures / trouble shooting of any type of engine and evaluate with Client the proper repairs in the shortest time, with reasonable costs and in accordance with OEMs procedures.